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Luxe Nails & Spa is a modern nail salon in Austin, TX 78756 providing an experience with equal parts of style and service, without skimping on the details.

To ensure that your experience at our salon completes with calming, pleasures and relaxation, we are commiteed to delivering serves with top sanitation standards by using high quality products while promoting health and well-being.

Highest quality of ingredients

What's more, in addition to giving you the best results whether you step into our store for a manicure, pedicure, waxing, or artificial nails, we want your experience of visiting Luxe Nails & Spa to be one that will relax you and put you in a state-of-mind that can offer you a haven from the stress and pressures of everyday living.

Our state-of the-art equipment and facilities enable our staff to do just that, make an art form out of our services and encourage customers to make Luxe Nails & Spa a part of their lives.

About Us

Health: We use the latest "pipe-less" technology in spa jet design to provide our clients with top protection. Our spa chair has no internal pipes, no bacteria contamination due to the circulation of unsanitary water using the traditional pipes design. This new technology is designed to prevent cross contaminations and most importantly. protect our clients and staffs. Last but not least, pedicure tubs are lined with disposable liners to ensure a clean and bacteria free service.

Luxe Nails & Spa in Austin

Beauty : We have hundreds of dipping colour powders & shellac. We use top quality and organic products (OPI, Essie, Butter London, Spa Organic ... etc) to achieve quality and lasting results.
Pampering: We hand select our professionally certified staff to provide client-focus service.
Comfort: Our salon is designed especially with you in mind. The atmosphere is refreshingly intimate, clean, and calming so that you can relax.
We promote : Health, Beauty, Pampering & Comfort.

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Mon-Sat : 9:30 am - 7pm
Sun : 11:30 - 5pm
5310 Burnet Road, Ste. 106-B Austin, TX 78756




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